Wayne Johnson doesn’t play by the rules. Not even the ones he helped write.

Wayne’s own campaign website states that as Bernalillo County Commissioner, “he passed the state’s strongest transparency law” and cites the passage of the Bernalillo County Code of Conduct as one of his biggest “legislative achievements.”

The Bernalillo Code of Conduct states that “No candidate or elected official shall accept any campaign contribution in excess of $1,000.00,” per election, “from any restricted donor…No candidate or elected official shall accept a campaign contribution from an individual or group of individuals when the candidate or elected official knows, or has reason to believe, that the original source of the campaign contribution was a restricted donor.” (Bernalillo Code of Conduct, page 7).

A “restricted donor” is someone who “seeks official action by an elected official” or “does business or seeks to do business” with Bernalillo County. (Bernalillo County Code of Conduct, page 4).

Wayne Johnson received almost $40,000 in campaign contributions from “restricted donors” in his 2017 campaign for Albuquerque mayor and voted to benefit those donors. See 2017 Ethics Complaint supporting documents.

How can we trust Wayne Johnson to serve as New Mexico’s top government watchdog when even he seemingly admits that he’s taken campaign contributions from restricted donors?

“Johnson acknowledges that he ‘probably’ has accepted campaign contributions from developers who have had business before the commission in the past.” Albuquerque Journal, 8/31/2017