Tribal Sovereignty

New Mexico’s strength is rooted in its diversity, its families, and its history, including the rich traditions of its Native American communities. As Democrats we are working with American Indians throughout New Mexico to expand the roles Native Americans play in our state, from the political and governmental process, to the enrichment of our diverse culture for all of us.

We are working to promote economic growth, improve educational opportunities, ensure clean water, and cultivate tribal energy. Most important, Democrats are committed to the Native American community by taking care of those who need a helping hand and giving a voice to those who have not had representation.

Democrats stand for the issues important to American Indians. Tribal governments know what it means to meet the needs of under-served citizens and to provide care and services to those less fortunate.

To meet these goals Democrats support efforts that protect the tribal sovereignty of New Mexico’s Native Americans, and support  the authority of indigenous tribes to govern themselves. We support the enforcement of historic rights over the lands and resources of Native American tribes. and enforcement of treaty rights with the United States.

We also support the rights of Native American governments to regulate profits from contracts for work and services associated with the occupation of tribal sovereign nations.

We continue to work to promote the recognition of Native American contributions to our cultural identity and heritage.