New Mexico’s strength is rooted in its diversity, its families, and its history, including the rich traditions of its Hispanic communities.

We face enormous challenges as a nation, many of which are felt even more acutely in Hispanic communities. Our ability to solve any of the problems we face as a country—from health care to education, from economic recovery to immigration reform—depends on our willingness to recognize that the destiny of all Americans is shared.

The story of Hispanics is part of the larger story of America—a story that starts before our country’s founding and threads through periods of swelling immigration—fulfilling its promise through opportunity, hard work, and self-determination. Just as they have in previous elections, Hispanic played a key role in the election in 2008, turning out in record numbers and helping to organize and spread the word about the shared priorities of Democrats and the Hispanic community.

For these reasons, Hispanic leaders have worked side by side with Democrats and the Obama Administration on issues that affect us all—expanding access to health care, making college more affordable, improving schools, creating jobs and opportunities in underserved areas, and much more. Democrats will continue to work with the Hispanic community to make the appropriate investments and improve outcomes in these areas—investments that will lift up all Americans and move our country forward.