Taxpayer Dollars Wasted by Governor Martinez & House Republicans Political Games

N.M. House Republicans are wasting New Mexico tax dollars on Governor Martinez’s political agenda. Each day the N.M. House remains in session without addressing New Mexico’s budget they cost our state approximately $25,000. Governor Martinez and N.M. House Republicans clearly only have one priority: playing political games.


After Governor Martinez returned from a political trip to Dallas, she signed a proclamation calling for a special session. New Mexico faces a shortfall of $223 million for FY2016 and an estimated shortfall of $431 million for FY2017.

The Senate proactively called for a special session in July of this year, and Governor Martinez spent more than two months traveling outside the state for political fundraisers for candidates in other states. The Governor’s political trips outside the state, have cost taxpayers approximately $26,000 in the first half of this year.

Now, Governor Martinez has teamed up with N.M. House Republicans to cost New Mexico even more taxpayer dollars in an effort to distract the public from their failed economic agenda.