Affirmative Action Committee


A. To reach out to any and all American Citizens, especially minorities to take an active part in the political process of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.
B. To insure that the process of selecting delegates to the National Convention of the Democratic Party and to all State and county convention is open to all minority groups.
C. To encourage full participation by all Democrats as described in The Charter & Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States.”
-DPNM Rules 25-1

Democratic Party of New Mexico

8214 2nd Street NW
Suite A
Albuquerque, NM  87114

Affirmative Action Committee (2015-2017)

Affirmative Action at Large

Ana Canales
Darlene Collins
Deanna Crask-Stone
Naomi Harrington
Robert Leming
Mike Melendez
Dennis Montoya
Charles Alexander Weimer
Joseph Ray

CD 1 Affirmative Action Committee

Carol Murphy
Carlos Caballeros

CD 2 Affirmative Action Committee

Trish Ruiz (Chair)
Tito Marquez

CD 3 Affirmative Action Committee

Carla Josephson
Ignacio Lucero