Affirmative Action Committee Suspension Letter

Letter of January 21, 2015 from Chairman Sam Bregman, Democratic Party of New Mexico to Affirmative Action Committee Chair Richard Cooley

Dear Chairman Cooley:

Upon review of the Affirmative Action Committee’s meeting minutes it has become apparent to me that it is necessary to suspend the committee until further notice.

All Committee meetings, actions, plans, and reports are suspended immediately until the members of the State Central Committee can convene to elect new membership to this committee and, if they so desire, new leadership. This authority is granted to my office under DPNM Rule 5-2-B & C.

The AAC Committee is authorized to:

  • Meet the requirements of Article Eight, Full Participation, of The Charter & Bylaws of The Democratic Party of The United States.

  • Prepare and implement an aggressive Outreach and Affirmative Action Program.

  • Report to the State Central Committee plans and results. Reports shall be delivered by Committee Chairperson or their designee.

  • Make recommendations to DPNM Rules Committee and Platform and Resolutions Committee on actions items which further the scope of the Affirmative Action Committee. DPNM Rule 25-2

Your Committee has spent all of its member’s valuable time dealing with inter-committee and intra-party squabbles and has failed to meet any of its assigned duties in the past two years. This has led to resignations, recriminations, and a log jam of the Committee and its valuable work.

As the Party will be transitioning to a new set of officers in less than 3 months it is my duty to assist with the transition of the various Committee’s and their work to the next Chair in an orderly a manner as possible.

As such I will be reporting to the State Central Committee not only this suspension of the Committee but also as to the reasons why this action has been taken.

The pattern and practice of this Committee’s leadership has been to rattle swords and generally protest when actions are taken to promote the mission of the Committee and the Party by me and Party staff.

As I expect this action will be met with the same such vitriol, I have already informed the Judicial Counsel of my actions prior, and I strongly encourage you to either launch your protest immediately for review by your State Central Committee peers on the Judicial Counsel for adjudication or to nominate yourself for Committee Chair at the upcoming State Central Committee meeting as your Chairmanship is suspended and no longer active.


Sam Bregman

DPNM Chairman