VIDEO: Pearce Supports Trump’s Plan to Kill New Mexico Clean Energy Jobs

Yesterday, KRQE highlighted that Congressman Steve Pearce supports President Trump’s tariff plan that New Mexico businesses say will kill local jobs. The Albuquerque network reported:

President Trump’s decision to put tariffs on imported solar modules could impact jobs in New Mexico. The President signed the Executive Order yesterday ordering penalties of 30 percent on modules imported from other countries. But executives at local solar companies tell the New Mexican that could kill jobs. They say most New Mexico companies focus on installations or manufacturing certain parts for solar systems and need those imported parts. However, supporters of the tariff, including Congressman Steve Pearce, say, this will end the practice of foreign dumping of low-cost panels here.

“By siding with President Trump over New Mexico’s solar industry, Steve Pearce is putting thousands of New Mexico jobs in jeopardy and harming hundreds of local businesses,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Yet again, Pearce has shown his true colors: he is just too extreme for New Mexico.”