Democrats Stand with Our Communities, Governor Susana Martinez Stands with Trump

New Mexico – On Monday, Democrats stood up for New Mexico communities and just one day later, Governor Martinez stood with President Trump and his border wall. Amid requests for Governor Martinez to help block the Trump from building a wall along parts of New Mexico’s southern border, the Governor chose not to act.  
“New Mexico is a place that embraces our diversity and understands the border as a strength, but Governor Martinez has chosen to stand behind the extreme, divisive policies of the Trump administration instead of New Mexico families and communities,” said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “In November we have an opportunity to elect a governor who won’t stand with Trump and his extreme policies and will fight for New Mexicans.”
The call from Democrats in the legislature was particularly pertinent because President Trump has continuously used DREAMERs and children as leverage to pay for a border wall that he promised he would make Mexico pay for. 
According to reports, the border would significantly limit New Mexico’s economic engine, especially in communities that rely on the binational culture.