Young Democrats of New Mexico Set Out to Register High School Seniors Statewide, Launch “Young People Vote” Campaign

Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 2, 2018) — Today, the Young Democrats of New Mexico announced a new campaign called “Young People Vote”. The campaign is a statewide initiative to register high school seniors across New Mexico.

Zack Quintero, the elected President of the Young Democrats of New Mexico said, “We are entering 2018 with crucial elections and need voter turnout across the board.  Young New Mexican’s  have an opportunity here to show the power of our voting block and we must act on it. We intend to expand our efforts and register high school seniors before they graduate, so they can participate in this year’s elections.”

The Young Democrats of New Mexico are coordinating with the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s State Central Committee (SCC), the committee of elected members of the Democratic Party from all 33 counties in the state who participate and conduct Party business.

Dave Mulryan, a State Central Committee member, notes, “The SCC is charged with engaging our communities and making sure it’s easy to get involved with the Democratic Party, and we take that seriously. We will work with the Young Democrats so they can reach their goal and ultimately increase election participation from young people. 

There are 198 accredited high schools in New Mexico, and with approximately 4,000 Voter Registration Agents statewide the capacity to register new voters at the high school level is more than within reach.

Zack Quintero, also pointed to the non-partisan nature of increasing voter turnout amongst young people, “We have reached out to our Republican counterparts to encourage bi-partisanship with this program. We look forward to their response.”

Registering as a 17-Year-Old in New Mexico:

New Mexico state law allows 17-year-olds to register and vote in primary elections as long as they turn 18 by general election day, which is November 6, 2018. 

Zack Quintero, says Young Democrats look to increase knowledge of this new law, “Our forward-looking state representatives were determined to include as many young people as possible in the political process when they passed this bill, and our aim is to make sure that intention is fully realized. We want more young people to be part of the process in 2018.”