Dan Lewis: All Tricks, No Treats

Albuquerque, NM – As Albuquerque prepares to elect a new mayor, the Democratic Party of New Mexico listed numerous tricks GOP Mayoral candidate Dan Lewis pulled while serving on Albuquerque’s City Council.

Dan Lewis has been the Albuquerque City Council President during Mayor Berry’s administration, and crime in Albuquerque is on the rise.

The FBI reported rises in the rates of property and violent crime in New Mexico that was largely propelled by increases in the state’s most populous city, Albuquerque. (U.S. News, September 26, 2017)

Years under Mayor Berry and Dan Lewis’ lack of investment in workforce development landed Albuquerque on Forbes Magazine list of worst cities to start a business.

New Mexico’s economy has struggled to recover from the Great Recession, and the labor force has stagnated.” (CNBC, August 19, 2016)

Dan Lewis doesn’t stand behind quality education programs.

Councilor Dan Lewis, a Republican who is running for mayor, floated a proposal during Monday night’s City Council meeting that would have put Albuquerque Public Schools on notice that the city would “no longer provide general operating funding for programs that directly or indirectly support Albuquerque Public Schools” effective July 1, 2018. (Albuquerque Journal, June 20, 2017)

Dan Lewis voted against addressing Albuquerque’s police officer shortage.

Much of the councilors’ discussion about the $531.4 million budget hinged on the proposal to pay $4 million “longevity stipends” to police officers and how to finance them. Councilors voted 8-1 to approve the budget Monday, with Councilor Dan Lewis casting the lone opposing vote. (Albuquerque Journal, May 16, 2017)

Dan Lewis is credited for pushing an agenda that is anti-equality and will create a hostile environment Albuquerque residents.

Mayoral candidate Dan Lewis has secured a key endorsement from Legacy Church pastor Steve Smothermon, but that endorsement comes with a caveat.

“I wholeheartedly support Dan Lewis for mayor. He’s the one true believer in the race, and could never in anyway support the homosexual agenda,” Smothermon posted on his Instagram account recently. “He will bring business to our city and he will reduce crime.” (Albuquerque Journal, September 13, 2017)