5 Scary Things Republicans Are Trying to Pull That Would Bring Bad Luck to New Mexico, Friday 13th Edition

New Mexico – On Friday the 13th, Republicans have some scary tricks up their sleeves for New Mexico:

  1. Dan Lewis is vying to be mayor of Albuquerque, but his and Mayor Berry’s agenda has already made Albuquerque the crime capital of the country and stalled our economy. Dan Lewis as Mayor of Albuquerque would only continue the downward spiral that has families feeling unsafe in their own neighborhoods.
  2. After areas in Valencia and Socorro Counties experienced intense flooding last week, Steve Pearce voted against providing support to New Mexico communities to repair roads and power lines and rebuild after a natural disaster.
  3.   Donald Trump isrecklessly gambling with American lives with his executive order ending cost-sharing reduction payments. Trump is cruelly causing millions of Americans to face skyrocketing premiums. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that a million people will lose their insurance entirely next year and the budget deficit will increase as a result of this decision.
  4.   U.S. House Republicans passed abudget resolution that includes $2 trillion in cuts to health care, including programs like Medicare and Medicaid, in order to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and wealthy corporations.
  5. Governor Martinez’s Public Education Department (PED) is working to push their proposed K-12 Science Education standards with politicized edits that put New Mexico’s future at risk. They want to take solid scientific principles out of classrooms, and put New Mexico students at a competitive disadvantage.