DPNM Commits to Keep Working for Paid Sick Leave

Albuquerque, N.M. – The Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) recommitted to continue working for paid sick leave after the Healthy Workforce Ordinance narrowly failed with a vote of 49.61%.

“Healthy families means a healthy workforce, and we will continue fighting for policies that keep families both healthy and employed,” said DPNM Chair Richard Ellenberg. “We know that when workers have protections they are more likely to keep employment, there’s less turnover, and our workforce is stronger. Though we are disappointed with this outcome, we are still committed to our work to ensure New Mexico workers have protections are are treated fairly.”

If the ordinance had passed it would have required employers in Albuquerque to meet the following requirements:

  • Employees must be allowed to take earned sick time for their own or a family member’s illness, injury, or medical care, or for absences related to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.
  • Employees must be allowed to earn one hour of sick time per 30 hours worked.
  • If the employer has 40 or more employees it must allow employees to use 56 hours of earned sick time per year. Small employers must allow employees to use 40 hours of earned sick time per year.

The Democratic platform states in part:

“Democrats will make sure that the United States finally enacts national paid family and medical leave by passing a family and medical leave act that would provide all workers at least 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a new child or address a personal or family member’s serious health issue. We will fight to allow workers the right to earn at least seven days of paid sick leave. We will also encourage employers to provide paid vacation.”