DPNM on Outcome of Albuquerque Election

Albuquerque, NM – The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after the winners of the Albuquerque Municipal election were made clear:

“This election is a step forward for Albuquerque, the voters elected a number of city councilors who will work to invest in our communities and find solutions to the many challenges facing the city. The Democrats on the city council have respect for our communities know that as New Mexicans we believe in helping each other so we can build strong families and communities.

“We are proud of the quality Democratic candidates who ran in this election–they raised important issues and engaged the community in conversations that are important to New Mexico families. Our success in this election would not have been possible without the folks who knocked on doors, made phone calls and talked to their neighbors.

“As we move forward to the run off, we’ll be working with a broad coalition of supporters to elect Tim Keller for mayor and Cynthia Borrego for city council. Dan Lewis is more of the same failed leadership that stalled our economy and made Albuquerque the crime capital of the country. We’ll be working to elect a mayor and city council member who are committed to moving Albuquerque forward and ensuring it is a city for all of us.”

The results of the Albuquerque election show that Democratic values are New Mexico values. Tuesday night, Albuquerque voters elected Democratic city councilors Diane Gibson, Ken Sanchez, and Klarissa Peña. Democratic candidates Tim Keller, Brian Colón, and Gus Pedrotty received the majority of the votes cast in the Albuquerque mayoral election with nearly 20 percentage points between Democrat Tim Keller and Republican Dan Lewis.