DPNM Issues Memorandum of Support of New Campaign Finance Transparency

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico issued a memorandum of support for the new campaign finance transparency rule adopted by Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver after an extensive public comment period.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico’s memorandum emphasized the Party’s stance to overturn Citizens’ United, a court case that allows for unlimited contributions by large corporations to campaigns, so every eligible voter is guaranteed equal access to the electoral process.

“Ending corporations’ outsized influence in elections is not an easy task, but it is challenge we must address to protect our democracy and ensure government works for New Mexicans. By requiring more disclosure and transparency, New Mexico’s Secretary of State put action to a commitment to end the influence of secret, unaccountable money in politics in New Mexico,” the memorandum reads.

New Mexico’s elections have been bombarded by secretive, dark money and it’s clear that transparency is needed. Recently leaders from both sides of the political spectrum have supported shining light on campaign finance.

Extreme conservative groups, like ALEC and Americans for Prosperity, have used New Mexico’s unclear campaign finance laws to dump money into and influence elections. The Democratic Party of New Mexico recognizes that there are special interests working to influence elections for both sides, and the Democratic Party of New Mexico highlighted the benefits this campaign finance rule will have to make the system more fair and transparent for voters.

Full memorandum of support is available here.