DPNM: Don’t Overlook Pearce, Martinez Role in Zinke Decision to Take Public Lands Away from New Mexicans

New Mexico – Today, President Trump’s Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke announced that he listened to Congressman Steve Pearce and Governor ​ Susana ​Martinez, and he will be recommending to take away public lands from New Mexicans.
“We cannot overlook the role Congressman ​Pearce and Governor Martinez played in Zinke’s decision to take away our public lands. As someone who lives in southern New Mexico, I saw the community work for decades to protect these precious places—and I also watched ​Congressman ​Pearce and Governor Martinez betray our trust time and again. This is not something we take lightly​,​ and we will work to make sure neither ​Congressman ​Pearce nor Governor Martinez have the opportunity to ​sell out our communities again,” said Neomi Martinez-Parra, Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.
​Congressman Pearce is part of the extreme Republican movement that seeks to take public lands away from Americans and sell them off to the highest bidder. Currently, Trump’s administration is weighing recommendations to modify and​ ​reduce the boundaries of New Mexico’s national monuments ​which guarantee public access, create jobs, and drive local economies.
Vice Chair Martine​z-Parra added, “​Congressman ​Pearce and Governor Martinez don’t understand the link our public lands have to our local businesses. This is part of a disturbing pattern in which Republicans put their political ideology ahead of the well-being of our communities which is in stark contrast to Democrats’ support for community efforts.​”​
Most recently, Congressman​ Pearce and Governor Martinez both praised ​President ​Trump’s decision to review New Mexico’s national monuments, even though decades of community action, consultation of stakeholders, and finalizing boundaries had already materialized. 
In New Mexico, public lands serve as a place where veterans seek refuge, families carry on traditions like hunting, fishing and camping, ancient cultures are preserved, pueblos and tribes sacred sites are honored, and people come from across the country to explore. Public lands boost local economies through job creation and increased tourism. Democrats are committed to ensuring we protect our air, land and water for future generations.
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