Governor Martinez Absent From Bipartisan Letter Rejecting Republican Repeal without a Plan

New Mexico – Today, a bipartisan group of governors rejected Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act today, but Governor Martinez was noticeably absent from their letter.

“Governor Martinez is shirking her responsibility to stand up for New Mexico—not only would the Obamacare repeal take medical care away from hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans, it will kill jobs in our state,” said Richard Ellenberg, chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Republicans fail to put New Mexico first, and their policies have taken a toll on our economy.”

Governor Martinez has recently made a point to address President Trump’s twitter activity, but has neglected to comment on the Republican healthcare repeal which directly affects New Mexicans across the state.

The most recent Senate Republican healthcare repeal would kick up to 250,000 New Mexicans off their health care, kill 11,000 jobs, and put a $678 million burden on hospitals in the state. A complete repeal would undoubtedly have worse impact.

The only Republican running for Governor of New Mexico, Steve Pearce, supports these detrimental impacts to the state.