Pantsuit Power Workshops Train Nearly 100 Organizers

Event Part of Democrats’ National Resistance Summer Program

Rio Rancho, NM –  Today, the New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women’s Pantsuit Power Workshops trained nearly one hundred new organizers to create meaningful change and work to combat the reckless agenda being pushed by the Trump administration and Republicans in the state.

During the event, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas, emphasized the importance of organizing as part of his keynote address, “This is not just about the next election, this is about the future of our country.”

The full-day training program is part of Democrats’ national Resistance Summer program. At the workshops participants learned how to plan events, advocate for issues at the local, state and national levels, increase voter registration, and effectively engage communities to improve the quality of life for New Mexicans across the state.

Ahead of the event, President of the New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women Pam Cordova said, “When we work together and empower our people, our policies will match our values. These workshops will provide valuable information and training for grassroots organizers who want to make a real difference in their communities and prepare for upcoming elections.”

In announcing the Democrats’ national Resistance Summer program, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez said, “There has been an explosion of activism and energy after the election of Donald Trump, and we need to turn this moment into a movement. As the Democratic Party, it is our role to support this activism and energy, and convert it into electoral wins up-and-down the ballot by making sure state parties have the tools and resources they need to succeed.”



The New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (NMFDW) works to inform and educate the members on issues and activities vital to Democrats, support the Democratic Party of New Mexico and encourage members of the community to become involved in the political process at county, state and national levels.

NMFDW membership is open to all registered Democrats and is organized throughout the state through county chapters.


Democratic National Committee announced a major nationwide Resistance Summer program designed to bolster state parties in order to win down-ballot races. The DNC will partner with state parties and external allies to invest in local organizing projects over the summer, which will increase the party’s capacity to elect Democrats up-and-down the ballot in 2017, 2018, and beyond. 

The mission of Resistance Summer is to educate, organize, and mobilize grassroots energy from Democrats in all 57 states, territories, and Democrats Abroad to help build our party’s base of political power and resist Trump’s attacks on hardworking families.