House Republicans Stand By Governor Martinez’s Veto of College & University Funding

Santa Fe – Today, House Republicans stood with Governor Martinez and voted against funding New Mexico’s colleges and universities. Democratic leadership in the legislature took a stand for New Mexico students and families and voted to override the Martinez-Sanchez administration’s reckless veto. 

At a march to restore higher education funding at the Roundhouse today, DPNM Chair Richard Ellenberg highlighted the importance of this vote for our communities, “We’re outraged at what the Governor has done to our education system. Students, faculty and our state deserve to have the certainty to plan for the future…at the end of today, we will see whether Republicans are with us or if they’re with Governor Martinez. ” 

A large showing of public support for the veto override was in front of the Roundhouse, ahead of the session convening. And Democratic legislators called on their Republican colleagues to do the right thing. But, House Republicans made it clear that they would rather put their political ideology ahead of the education and wellbeing of New Mexicans as they blocked the veto override on the House Floor. 

A veto override requires two thirds of support in each chamber.