Will Congressman Pearce Put Loyalty to Trump & Political Ideology Above New Mexicans’ Health Care?

New Mexico – In a vote planned for Thursday, Republicans in Congress will try to force another vote on their disastrous health care bill, also known as TrumpCare. The bill would take health care away from more than 250,000 New Mexicans and raise premiums on older Americans. Congressman Steve Pearce’s district had the largest drop in uninsured residents in the state since the Affordable Care Act was enacted–more than 60,000 residents in his district stand to lose their health care if the extreme Republican bill passes. 

The first time Republicans in Congress tried to push this bill through, the bill had a dismal 17 percent approval from the public, it was opposed by non-partisan groups like the American Medical Association and AARP, and Republicans couldn’t get enough votes from their own caucus to pass it.

In order to appease the most right-wing members of their caucus, which includes Congressman Steve Pearce, Republicans edited the bill to allow states to opt out of protecting Americans who have pre-existing conditions like diabetes and asthma among others.

 The bill is still opposed by health groups, and 70 percent of Americans oppose the GOP’s newest scheme to allow states to opt out of protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico said, “Republicans in Congress took a bill that raise health care costs and made it worse. It was bad enough that Republicans were ready to take health care away from New Mexicans and raise premiums on our seniors – now they want to threaten coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. The question remains: will Congressman Pearce put his loyalty to Donald Trump and his political ideology before his constituents’ health care?”