BREAKING: New Mexico One of Three Governorships in the Country Expected to Flip Party

New Mexico – Today, an independent analysis group named New Mexico one of three governorships in the country expected to flip party. After a dismal record of lost jobs, poor education results, and a failed economic agenda under Governor Martinez and Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez, New Mexico is poised to elect a Democratic governor. 

“The Republican Party has made it more difficult for everyday New Mexicans to get ahead, since Governor Martinez and Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez took office,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Democrats work to ensure all New Mexicans have more opportunities to get ahead and that government serves everyone not just the well-connected few. After the past six years of decline and pandering to well-connected donors under a Republican administration, Democrats came out in force in 2016 and we intend to garner the same excitement that helped to flip our state house in the last election.”