Will Republican Leaders Stand Up for New Mexicans’ Health Care? Probably Not.

New Mexico – Today, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Debra Haaland called on Republican leaders to take a stand for New Mexicans’ access to health care after President Trump announced plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This move comes after the proposed Trump health care plan that would have kicked off 24 million people from their current healthcare coverage failed in the first part of the year.

“New Mexicans are benefitting from the increased access to health care that the ACA provides, and Democrats have committed to defending the ACA. Republicans continue to stand by their rigid ideology and focus on repealing the ACA, even though New Mexicans rely on the law in this time of high unemployment and an uncertain economy,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “New Mexicans deserve to know where their leaders stand. Will Governor Martinez, Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez, and Congressman Steve Pearce stand up to protect New Mexicans’ health care?”

According to FiveThirtyEight, the number of uninsured people in New Mexico dropped by 158,400 since the ACA was enacted in 2013. And the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that under the ACA nearly 15,000 New Mexicans under the age of 26 are covered by their parents’ insurance, more than 82,000 New Mexicans are covered under Medicaid expansion, and health insurance companies can no longer discriminate against New Mexicans with preexisting conditions.

If President Trump and Congressional Republicans succeed at repealing the ACA, more than 265,000 New Mexicans would be at risk of losing their health care coverage.