How to Help Dems While Doing Your Taxes

Did you know you could help New Mexico Democrats when you file your taxes? It’s super easy, and makes a big difference. 

Paper Filing Instructions:

To make a contribution using your tax refund, check off the box that reads, “Refund donations” on the New Mexico Personal Income Tax Return (PIT-1) and attach a PIT-D, New Mexico Voluntary Contributions Schedule. For a PIT-D form click here.

 Online Filing Instructions:

If you’re filing online be sure to say ‘yes’ to give a voluntary contribution and say ‘yes’ to contribute to a political party. Then, select Democratic Party. It’s that simple.

These $2 donations add up, and they give us a boost when we need it most. We  use these funds to pay for basic Party operations, so we are ready to support our Democrats running for office. 

Happy filing,