JOBS UPDATE: Job Creator Chooses Different State

Governor Martinez Limits State’s Ability to Create Larger Workforce Pool  

New Mexico – Today, Hulu announced that it will be expanding in San Antonio, instead of Albuquerque. The company cited a “larger labor pool” as the reason for choosing the Texas city. Meanwhile, Republican Governor Martinez vetoed higher education funding for every single college and university in the state, limiting the state’s ability to create a larger labor pool.

“A job creator chose a different state—Governor Martinez’s failed Republican agenda doesn’t deliver, again. New Mexico must invest in workforce training, and yet, the Governor chose to eliminate a huge part of workforce development when she vetoed funding for higher education in our state,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Debra Haaland.

In addition, the Republican Mayor Berry, appeared to be out of touch with the state of the city’s workforce, when he stated that he was confident that Hulu would come to Albuquerque. 

The Republican administration and Republicans in the House claimed that corporate tax cuts would bring more jobs to the state, but New Mexico continues to fall behind other states when competing for new industries. Democrats know that smart investments in education and workforce development will create new jobs and improve New Mexico’s competitive edge.