Governor Martinez Takes Away Opportunities from NM Students, Gets Cold Response from Dems

New Mexico colleges & universities already having a difficult time making ends meet

With her veto pen, Governor Martinez took all state funding away from New Mexico’s colleges and universities, in effect limiting New Mexico students’ ability to expand their skills, continue their education or open new doors of opportunity. Democrats across the state, criticized the Governor’s reckless actions. 

Wirth: Martinez Playing “Political Games” With “Outrageous” Budget Action – KRWG

“This is no way to run a government. What people expect and deserve is the type of bipartisan collaboration we saw in the Senate during the session. Today’s action by Governor Martinez sends a clear signal to New Mexico families and national bond agencies that she is in denial about the serious financial problems facing our state.

Governor Martinez has chosen to play extreme political games rather than act responsibly. Her attempt to use line-item vetoes to eliminate an entire branch of government and every higher education institution is outrageous.”

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has vetoed major portions of a $6.1 billion spending bill for the coming fiscal year, including all funding for higher education institutions and the Legislature – AP

House Speaker Brian Egolf of Santa Fe said the governor was seeking to provoke a constitutional crisis by defunding the Legislature and every state institution of higher education. “Governor’s actions today are beyond the pale,” he said in a statement.

Sen. John Arthur Smith, D-Deming, the longstanding chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said those reforms include contentious measures such as taxing public school supplies that have eroded political support. “I’m not sure it’s going to be an easy lift anymore,” he said.

Martinez also vetoed major portions of a $6.1 billion spending bill for the coming fiscal year, including funding for higher education and the Legislature. – KOB 4

“Earlier today Governor Martinez vetoed all funding for higher education in the state of New Mexico,” said Carruthers in a statement.  “I’m concerned that NMSU and the state’s other universities now appear to be caught up in a political strategy. Clearly, higher education in the state must be funded and we hope both sides will work expeditiously to resolve their differences.”

“UNM has been engaged for months in its internal budget planning process. In order for that process to be finalized, we must have certainty about the State allocation,”  UNM acting president Chaouki Abdallah in a statement Friday. “Like other public higher education institutions, UNM depends on the State’s contribution to deliver quality education. At this juncture, UNM hopes the Governor and the legislature will provide a higher education budget as soon as possible so we can continue to serve New Mexicans. ”