NM House Republicans Block Bill that Would Ensure Teachers Don’t Go to School Sick

New Mexico – This afternoon, House Republicans declined to stand up to Governor Susana Martinez by refusing to override her irresponsible veto of common-sense legislation to ensure that teachers don’t have to go to work sick. Prior to the Governor’s veto, all but three House Republicans voted in favor of the measure. Yet in today’s attempt to override the veto, 31 Republicans voted to support Gov. Martinez’ veto. 

““Unprincipled House Republicans would rather defend the Governor and her reckless vetoes than take a stand for our teachers,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Deb Haaland. “The House GOP would rather abandon New Mexico students and teachers by flop-flopping rather than risk angering the Governor. Sad!”

Under House Bill 241 teachers would no longer be penalized on their evaluations for using their allotted sick days. Governor Martinez vetoed the legislation despite broad bipartisan support in both legislative chambers. The bill initially passed the House 64-3 and unanimously passed the Senate.