Gov. Martinez Has Done Nothing to Improve Unemployment in the State

New Mexico Worst Unemployment Rate in the Country Under Governor Martinez


Albuquerque, N.M. –  Figures released from the Department of Labor today, show that Governor Martinez has done nothing to improve unemployment in the state.  With a 6.7% unemployment rate in February, New Mexico has the highest unemployment in the country.

Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, issued the following statement Monday:

“We are once again seeing the fruits of the failed republican economic agenda. Governor Martinez has to take responsibility for doing nothing to prevent the worst unemployment rate in the country, and instead she is doubling down on her failed policies. Investments are needed to create opportunity for New Mexicans, not cuts to services to finance tax breaks for the well-connected.  The Governor’s policies make it clear that working families are not her priority.”

While the rest of the country has mostly recovered from the Great Recession, New Mexico lags behind.  During Governor Martinez’s term in office, several reports point to New Mexico’s stagnant economy. And the Governor still refuses to raise revenues to help New Mexicans get ahead, and improve the economic footing of the state.

“We cannot cut our way to prosperity. The Governor failed to put forward a legislative agenda that will improve opportunity in our state, while Democrats in the legislature work day in and day out to craft legislation that will create jobs and opportunity for New Mexicans. Bills that invest in early childhood education, increase the minimum wage, spur job creation, and increase revenue are making their way to the Governor’s desk, and we call on her to do the right thing for our state and invest in our people,” said Chairwoman Haaland.”