DPNM Launches Action Teams

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It’s been a long and scary two weeks since President Trump took the oath. Across the country and right here in New Mexico, progressives are joining together to fight back. That’s why the Democratic Party of New Mexico is organizing statewide action teams to channel this energy into positive results and we need your help!

Can we count on you to participate in one or more of these teams as we work together to fight the Trump administration, hold its Republican allies accountable and support our Democratic elected officials?

Rapid Response Team

DPNM is launching a Rapid Response Team to hold President Trump and New Mexican Republicans accountable. This team, comprised of Democrats across the state and in every political district, will spring into coordinated action to call legislators, submit letters to the editor, gather at events, and spread the word on social media. We need you to help us amplify our message across New Mexico.

NM Democrats in the Community

DPNM is launching a team focused on community service and engagement. Too often, voters only see Democrats in their neighborhoods in the weeks leading up to an election. Whether we volunteer with a community non-profit organization or assist an allied organization under attack, we have a unique opportunity to build the Democratic brand as we make a positive impact in our own neighborhoods.

Voter Registration Team

DPNM is launching a statewide voter registration network that will register voters immediately. We must start working now to create a favorable electorate in 2018.

Click on this link to join a team!

As President Obama said in his farewell speech, “If something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes.” Let’s get to work!