Governor Martinez Doubles Down on Cuts Only Approach that Harms New Mexicans

New Mexico – After Governor Martinez released her budget plan, the Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement criticizing her cuts only approach that doesn’t invest in New Mexico’s economy.

“Governor Martinez’s priorities are clearly outlined in her budget, and her priorities clearly do not put New Mexico families first,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Our families have gone too long without the proper priorities coming from the Governor’s office—our schools are suffering, it’s harder for New Mexicans to find quality jobs, and the programs folks rely on are cut to the bones. New Mexico deserves a realistic approach to the budget that invests in our state, instead of Governor Martinez’s irresponsible approach.”

Right now, state agencies are already reporting drastic cuts that inhibit their ability to carry out their functions. In addition universities cannot fill positions that are vacant

Under Governor Martinez, the economic outlook for the state is grim–the state is facing a $69 million budget shortfall, has the second highest unemployment in the country, and continues to see cuts to programs New Mexicans rely on.

Governor Martinez wasted six years fighting partisan battles against our immigrant communities, behavioral health care providers, and New Mexico workers. The Governor was able to do more damage with a Republican majority in the New Mexico House, and the end result was the largest budget shortfall the state has ever faced and growing unemployment.