New Mexico Democrats Celebrate Statewide Gains

New Mexico –  After election dust settled, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman highlights the many statewide gains Democrats accomplished in this election. The 2016 election turned New Mexico blue up and down the ballot. 

“New Mexicans have plenty of reasons to celebrate—Democrats reclaimed the New Mexico House and expanded our majority in the New Mexico Senate so we can hold Governor Martinez accountable for her failed Republican economic agenda and instead make valuable investments in education, infrastructure, and our economy as a whole.

“We are proud Maggie Toulouse Oliver is in the Secretary of State’s office to fight for accountability and transparency in government, and we know Julie Vargas will be an excellent Judge in the New Mexico Court of Appeals, ensuring fairness in our judicial system.

“New Mexico has a brighter future with Democrats in office, and in 2016 New Mexico voters voiced in a loud and clear voice that they want to put our state back on track. We’re ready to get to work so everyday New Mexicans have the opportunity to get and stay ahead.”