Highlighting Some Great Candidates

daymon-headshot1Daymon Ely

Daymon Ely is running to be the N.M. House Representative in District 23.

Main focus: Improving the economy and creating more jobs for New Mexicans.

Bio: Damon knows the meaning of responsibility and integrity. Growing up, his father was the Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party and is still a practicing civil rights lawyer. Damon, a lawyer himself, has spent his career representing those who need help the most. He has previously served as the Sandoval County Commissioner, giving him experience in making government work for the people.

Red or green: “My true heart bleeds green.”

Website: http://www.daymonfornmhd23.com/



glojeanGloJean Todacheene

 GloJean Todacheene is running to be the N.M. House Representative in District 4.

Main Focus: Raising the minimum wage, maintaining affordable housing, jobs and education.

Bio: GloJean has been a San Juan County Commissioner, Navajo Nation delegate, and public school teacher. She is passionate about supporting New Mexican families and supporting local communities.

Red or Green: “As a New Mexican, I like both.”

Website: http://glojean4nm.com/


merrie-lee-soulesMerrie Lee Soules

 Merrie Lee Soules is running for New Mexico’s Second Congressional District.

Main Focus: Improving the economy, bringing more jobs to New Mexico, and investing in education.

Bio: Merrie Lee Soules has over 30 years of experience working with Packard Electric Division of General Motors and Delphi Corporation. She has a degree in electrical engineering from Cleveland State University and a masters degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. She hopes to fund programs for renewable energy to protect the environment and build a sustainable economy.

Red or Green: “Yes. And I like them hot.”

Website: http://soulesuscongress.com/


scott-krahlingScott Krahling

Scott Krahling is running for County Clerk in Doña Ana County.

Main Focus: To get communities more active in elections.

Bio: Scott Krahling has worked on the Doña Ana County Board of County Commissioners, at the County Clerk’s office as the Supervisor of Elections, and the Chief Deputy Clerk. Scott hopes to keep elections as fair as possible while also engaging the community.

Website: http://www.scottforclerk.com/



julie-vargasJulie Vargas

 Julie Vargas is running for the New Mexico Court of Appeals.

Main Focus: Protecting the rights of New Mexican families and small businesses.

 Bio: Julie Vargas was born and raised in Old Town, New Mexico and continues to live there today. She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island and received her law degree from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1993. Julie has spent the last 22 years protecting the rights of New Mexican families and New Mexico small businesses. She is passionate about making sure that all people are treated fairly in the eyes of the court.

Website: http://www.vargasfornm.com/about-us.html


ane-romeroAne Romero

 Ane Romero is running to be the N.M. House Representative in District 15.

Main Focus: improving education, reducing crime, and strengthening the economy.

 Bio: Ane Romero is a native New Mexican and former Miss New Mexico 2005. She has been recognized as a mental health advocate and has a long-standing record of dedicated public service. As the daughter of two educators, Ane knows the importance of education, having received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Master’s Degree in Public Affiars from New Mexico Highlands University. Ane has dedicated her life to public service, helping New Mexico’s communities stay safe and have educational opportunities.

Website: http://www.aneromero.com/


joanne-ferraryJoanne Ferrary

 Joanne Ferrary is running for New Mexico House District 37.

Main Focus: DWI reform and raising the minimum wage

Bio: Joanne Ferrary previously worked for the DOT’s Traffic Safety Bureau, working to pass legislation that would reduce DWI injuries and fatalities. She has continuously supported bills that close alcohol sales at drive-up windows and institute the use of ignition interlocks.

Website: http://joanne4nm.com/