RECAP: New Mexico Democrats’ Message Resonates, Democrats Lead in Early Voting

New Mexico – Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Debra Haaland highlighted enthusiasm in early voting and emphasized the need to keep up the momentum to ensure Democratic candidates successfully cross the finish line on Election Day.

Early voting turnout is a clear indication that the Republican Party’s extreme agenda is not resonating with New Mexico voters. The New Mexico Republican Party and Republican candidates like Steve Pearce and Nora Espinoza continue to support and push the Republican standard of fear and intimidation.  

“A Republican Governor and a Republican-controlled state house have taken a toll on our economy and made life more difficult for everyday New Mexicans. The early voting numbers show that the Democratic message is resonating with voters across the state, and that Republicans’ extreme values are not what New Mexico needs,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Democrats are fighting for an economy that works for everyone and will ensure every New Mexican has opportunities to get ahead and stay ahead. We’ll continue to work everyday to let voters know what’s at stake in this election, and get out the vote for our candidates.”

News Article highlights are below.

Early voting hike attributed to high Democrat turnout – Santa Fe New Mexican 

October 25, 2016

After two weeks of voting in New Mexico, early turnout is much stronger than in 2012, and registered Democrats are doing the heavy lifting.

Democrats have a nearly 2-to-1 turnout advantage. A total of 39,702 early voters were registered Democrats, almost 58 percent. Another 20,868, or 30 percent, were registered Republicans.

Meanwhile, 15,487 absentee ballots had been returned as of Saturday. Forty-nine percent of the returned absentee ballots were from Democrats, and 37 percent were from Republicans.

Early voting continues to favor Democrats in New Mexico –

October 24, 2016

The opening of new polling locations caused a spike in early voting across New Mexico on Saturday, and the numbers continue to favor Democrats.

Fifty-eight percent of in-person voters through Saturday were Democrats, while 30 percent were Republicans and 12 percent were independents or members of other parties. Statewide, returned absentee ballots also favored Democrats. Of 15,487 that had been returned by Saturday, 49 percent were from Democrats, 37 percent were from Republicans, and 14 percent were from independents or members of other parties.

Early Voting High Especially in Key Counties – NM Political Report 

October 24, 2016

Coming into this week, nearly 70,000 New Mexico voters have cast their votes early, the majority of whom have been Democrats.

Of the 68,945 voters who cast early-in person ballots, 39,702 (57.5 percent) are Democrats, 20,868 (30.3 percent) are Republicans and 12.1 percent are not part of either major party.

High Voter Turnout So Far in Doña Ana County – Las Cruces Sun-News 

October 20, 2016 

There’s high interest in the presidential race, and in Doña Ana County lots of people — particularly Democrats — are turning out to vote early.

“I think people are really concerned that if they don’t vote, we get a Trump presidency and things can go backwards,” Moralez said after voting for Clinton and Soules on Wednesday.

High voter turnout shows election now a season rather than a day – Las Cruces Sun-News

October 20, 2016

Deb Haaland, chairperson of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, said early voting thus far indicates that “the Democratic message is resonating with voters across the state.”

“We’ll continue to work everyday to let voters know what’s at stake in this election and get out the vote for our candidates,” she said.