DPNM Urges Voters to Vote Democrat in Light of New Mexico’s Credit Rating Downgrade

New Mexico – The Democratic Party of New Mexico encouraged voters to vote for Democrats in light of news that New Mexico’s credit rating has been downgraded by Moody’s Investors Service.

The credit downgrade means that new projects that spur economic development will come at a higher cost to taxpayers. The downgrade was of no concern to Governor Martinez and Republicans in the New Mexico House when they decided to double down on oil and gas and continue tax breaks for out-of-state corporate donors.

“The failed Republican economic agenda has taken a toll on New Mexico’s economy, and Republican candidates are running on the same extreme principles that have already cost our state so much,” said Debra Haaland Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “It’s imperative voters take a stand against the failed Republican economic agenda, and instead vote for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Democrats believe in investing in education, job training, and infrastructure so we can build an economy that works for all New Mexicans.”

During a special session to address budget shortfalls, the New Mexico House Republicans decided to push Governor Martinez’s political agenda at taxpayer’s expense instead of addressing the budget head-on. The Democratic-led New Mexico Senate, in contrast, made the prudent decision to complete all of its work to address the state’s severe budget crisis and adjourn without extra cost to taxpayers.

Governor Martinez made it clear that she is more interested in playing politics than addressing New Mexico’s economy throughout her tenure as governor. Governor Martinez wasted six years fighting partisan battles against our immigrant communities, behavioral health care providers, and New Mexico workers. The Governor was able to do much more damage with a Republican majority in the New Mexico House, and the end result was the largest budget shortfall the state has every faced.

New Mexico knows how harmful Republican polices are for our families and our state as a whole, and the recent credit downgrade only emphasizes the need to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot this election.