DPNM Officially Debt-Free

New Mexico – At the Democratic Party of New Mexico State Central Committee Meeting in Silver City this weekend, DPNM Chairwoman Debra Haaland announced that the Party is officially debt-free. The Chairwoman and the board made a goal to bring the Party’s debt, which was inherited from previous administrations, to zero from a more than $65,000 deficit. They accomplished that goal in just a year and half.

“This accomplishment means that the Party will be better able to carry out our mission to elect Democrats up and down the ballot to fight for opportunity and equality for all New Mexicans,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

DPNM Treasurer Robert Lara delivered his report highlighting the important measures the Party has taken to remove the debt.

“This board has proactively worked to bring the Party to financial solvency. I am incredibly proud to make this announcement. I look forward to seeing the Party increase voter registration, assist our county parties,  and move toward further success in working to keep New Mexico blue,” said Robert Lara, Treasurer of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. 

This announcement comes as the Democratic Party of New Mexico moves to bolster its voter protection program, a program that ensures elections are run properly and fairly, in preparation for a successful general election.