N.M. House Republicans Waste Another Day Not Addressing the Budget at Taxpayer Expense

Santa Fe, N.M. – Today, N.M. House Republicans wasted another day of taxpayer dollars not addressing New Mexico’s serious budget crisis. In contrast, the Democratic led N.M. Senate completed all of its work to address the budget and adjourned last Saturday.

“New Mexicans expect legislators to do their jobs, and instead, House Republicans have showed their complete incompetence to address the budget at taxpayers expense,” said Juan Sanchez III,  Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Instead of being responsible, House Republicans showed us exactly what wasteful government spending is. New Mexico deserves better, we need to make sure we have Democrats in office so we can address our budget instead of Republicans who play political games.”

Democratic Party of New Mexico released a ticker to keep track of taxpayer dollars N.M. House Republicans are costing our state—the cost has reached well over $125,000 taxpayer dollars.

The N.M. Senate worked for two days, incurring costs of approximately $25,000, while Republicans in the House wasted time that should have been used addressing the budget, including one day in which the chamber did not work.