Democratic House Candidates Release First Ads

N.M. House Candidates Ane Romero and Liz Thomson release ads highlighting priorities

Albuquerque, New Mexico – The Democratic Party of New Mexico announced a big online ad release for two legislative candidates today. The ads featuring Ane Romero, candidate for N.M. House District 15, and Liz Thomson, candidate for N.M. House District 24 highlighting each candidate’s priorities and lifetime of service.

The ad entitled “Pitching In” highlights Ane Romero’s commitment to improving education, access to behavioral health services, and building safe communities for our families.

The ad entitled, “What Matters Most” features Liz Thomson’s story and her focus on early childhood education, creating quality jobs, and safe neighborhoods.

YOUTUBE: “Pitching In” – Ane Romero for N.M. House District 15

YOUTUBE: “What Matters Most” -Lis Thomson for N.M. House District 24 


Background on Ane Romero, candidate for House District 15

Ane Romero is a nationally recognized policy and award winning mental health advocate, speaker, and trainer who was born and raised in New Mexico. She has a long-standing record of dedicated public service and has fought to protect some of our state’s most vulnerable populations.

While still in college, she wrote NM Senate Joint Memorial 61, which became one of the state’s earliest pieces of mental health legislation to pass the New Mexico State Legislature. This led to a request from the New Mexico Department of Education to participate in helping to re-write the Benchmarks and Standards for New Mexico School’s K-12 health curriculum.

Ane Romero will fight for quality education for every child and work towards a system that supports educators, will work towards rebuilding our economy by supporting small business and creating advancements for a skilled and trained workforce and will continue to work towards real and innovative solutions to ensure the well-being and safety of our communities.

Background on Liz Thomson, candidate for House District 24

Time after time, Liz Thomson has demonstrated her dedication to her community by making a huge positive impact on children and families throughout Albuquerque.

As a pediatric physical therapist, Liz has spent her career helping kids overcome disabilities and build bright futures. In her work with the New Mexico Autism Society, Liz Thomson worked hard to help families thrive despite a wide range of challenges. And her efforts to reduce drunk driving fatalities in New Mexico led to her being named a Legislative Champion by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

In her campaign for the State House, Liz Thomson is continuing her dedication to local priorities by emphasizing solutions to the key challenges facing her community and her state. Her top goals are increasing early childhood education, continuing the fight to reduce drunk driving in New Mexico, and providing funding for crucial women’s health care services including mammograms and cancer screenings.