Trump Ads Won’t Persuade New Mexicans to Ignore His Divisive, Dangerous Rhetoric

Republican Presidential Nominee Makes New Mexico Ad Buy

New Mexico – The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after Donald Trump’s campaign announced they will add New Mexico to a $140 million TV and digital ad buy.

“Donald Trump knows that his dangerous and divisive campaign is not resonating with New Mexicans. His desperate attempt to change that is not going to work. New Mexico voters know the choice could not be more clear—Donald Trump and the Republican candidates in New Mexico who support him are out of step with New Mexico values. We need to elect Hillary Clinton, because she will build an economy that works for everyone. Hillary Clinton understands our values—she understands we’re stronger together.”

Several Republican lawmakers in New Mexico, including Second Congressional District Congressman Steve Pearce, Candidate for Secretary of State Nora Espinoza, N.M House District 8 Representative Alonzo Baldonado expressed their support for Donald Trump, even going so far as to speak at his running mate’s New Mexico event. Governor Martinez still refuses to answer questions on Trump, but has clarified that she will not be voting for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson—leaving Donald Trump as the alternative.