Espinoza Campaign Lies Just Like Trump

SOS Candidate Never Lets Facts Get in Way of Campaign

New Mexico – Nora Espinoza continues to model her campaign after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by lying about the facts. Espinoza campaign’s asserted that “Nobody can find a person who didn’t vote because they didn’t have an ID” shows that Espinoza isn’t letting facts get in the way of her campaign.

“Nora Espinoza’s campaign, like Donald Trump, spouts off complete falsehoods to keep the facts from getting in the way of their campaigns. In Espinoza’s case, she also wants to distract voters from her extreme record,” said Joe Kabourek, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM). “Espinoza skipped an ethics vote to hold corrupt politicians like Dianna Duran accountable and wants to ban books by Hispanic authors from schools. Espinoza will do anything to distract voters from the truth. The fact is, voter ID laws disenfranchise thousands of Americans, including some military veterans and even former election officials.”

Recent examples of eligible voters being denied their right to vote due to improper ID, include an Iwo Jima veteran in Wisconsin as well as former U.S. Speaker of the House Jim Wright.

Project Vote Study from 2015 shows that 13 percent of African Americans, 10 percent of Latinos and 5 percent of whites lack photo ID.

“Donald Trump and Nora Espinoza may think that saying things over and over makes them true, but New Mexicans know better,” Kabourek said. “New Mexicans want leaders with integrity and who have a track record of bringing transparency and accountability to government. That’s why Maggie Toulouse Oliver is the most qualified candidate to be our next Secretary of State.”

In a Ruidoso News article, Espinoza’s campaign director Rod Adair — who was also a top-staffer and the campaign manager for disgraced former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who used campaign dollars for personal use — made the outrageous and false claim that there are no examples of eligible voters being denied access to the polls, because they didn’t have proper ID.