DPNM: Governor Martinez Playing Politics with New Mexico’s Economy

New Mexico – After returning to the state from fundraising events for the controversial North Carolina Governor, Governor Martinez continues to avoid addressing her failed economic agenda and instead plays politics with New Mexico’s economy.

“Governor Martinez clearly doesn’t care about New Mexico’s economy—she frequently leaves the state to campaign for Republican candidates, and then comes back to New Mexico playing politics with our state’s future,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Governor Martinez is playing politics with New Mexico’s economy, instead of addressing her failed economic agenda and focusing on the budget.”

Last week Governor Martinez left the state to campaign for North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, a governor who has cost his state millions of dollars with his anti-LGBT legislation.

New Mexico faces a shortfall of $223 million for FY2016 and an estimated shortfall of $431 million for FY2017, meanwhile, Governor Martinez continues to allow New Mexico’s economic outlook to worsen as she takes political trips outside the state, costing taxpayers approximately $26,000 just this year.