New Mexico Republicans Need to Come Clean on Trump, Answer for Trump’s Dangerous Comments at Commander-In-Chief Forum

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico called on Republican candidates in New Mexico to come clean on Trump, and respond to his insults against our military generals and his praise for Vladimir Putin during Wednesday’s Commander-In-Chief Forum.

“It’s simple: Donald Trump is unfit to be Commander-In-Chief, and we cannot afford to have him anywhere near the White House. He embraces Putin, he disrespects our veterans, and he lacks the temperament to lead our military. It’s time for New Mexico Republicans to answer tough questions about their support for their party’s divisive and dangerous nominee. After last night’s forum, it’s clear that only one person is ready to lead our country, and that’s Secretary Clinton.” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. 

The New Mexico GOP endorsed Donald Trump during the primary, and continues to laud him without ever answering for his reckless behavior or offensive comments. In particular, the New Mexico GOP claims to support our country’s military but supports a candidate who has a fundamental ignorance on national security and military issues.

Donald Trump is the standard bearer for the Republican Party, and Republicans in New Mexico continue to hide from that fact; especially Governor Susana Martinez, who avoids questions from reporters. Republican candidate for Secretary of State Nora Espinoza, Republican Congressman Steve Pearce, and Republican Representative Alonzo Baldonado have all come out in support of Donald Trump but all remain in quiet avoidance of their candidate’s inadequate credentials and brash behavior.