Democratic Nominee for N.M. Supreme Court Releases TV Ads

New Mexico – With Labor Day upon us, campaigns are heating up in full election mode. Today, the Democratic nominee for N.M. Supreme Court, Michael E. Vigil, released TV ads for his 2016 Election.

Watch the English Ad: 

Watch the Spanish Ad: 

“It’s fitting that this ad is called ‘Working,’ because we are proud that our nominee has dedicated his career to working for New Mexico families,” said Joe Kabourek, Executive Director for the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Judge Vigil shares our values of equal protection under the law and working hard every single day to protect the rights of each and every New Mexican.”

The ad, released in both English and Spanish languages, displays Judge Vigil’s commitment to equal justice for all.

Judge Vigil’s values that Judges should work hard every single day to move cases quickly and protect your rights – your personal rights, your property rights, your constitutional rights are clearly outlined in the ads.


Judge Michael E. Vigil has been on the NM Court of Appeals since 2003, and currently serves as its Chief Judge. He has been recommended for Supreme Court Justice twice by a Bi-Partisan Judicial Nominating Commission (2007 & 2015). He has sat on over 3,000 appeals and written over 1,000 opinions. Judge Vigil won retention to the court in 2012, and he received a 100% score from a survey of court staff on timeliness of rulings in the Judicial Performance Evaluation. He also received a 100% score from a survey of his colleagues on “Appropriate Demeanor” in the same Judicial Performance Evaluation in 2012.

The television ads were produced by Brown Inc., which has a long history in New Mexico politics. Brown Inc. has produced multimedia campaigns for Democratic and non-partisan political candidates and ballot issues for nearly 40 years. Brown Inc.’s clients have included U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, U.S. Senator Tom Udall, Diane Denish for Governor, Bill Richardson for Congress and Governor, Rep. Steny Hoyer  in Maryland and numerous state and federal candidates in Nevada.