DPNM Does Not Expect Shift In Trump’s Harsh Immigration Stance

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party  of New Mexico Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez and DREAMER Cindy Nava released the following statement ahead of Donald Trump’s speech to reiterate the his immigration stance.

“Donald Trump has made hate the center of his campaign since day one—he is still calling for a wall, and he is still the reckless candidate that is setting the standard for the entire Republican Party. Voters will have to ask themselves if they can vote for any candidate who supports a presidential candidate who spreads hate everywhere he goes,” said Juan Sanchez III, Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

“Donald Trump has surpassed any level of hateful rhetoric I had ever heard throughout my entire life. As a dreamer and the daughter of incredibly hard working immigrants, I can clearly say that our state has a history of welcoming immigrants. Trump’s shifting decisions on immigration and his proposal on mass deportation for all undocumented immigrants demonstrates nothing else than the incompetency he has to understand policies, laws and the absence of moral character towards the very history of this nation,” said Cindy Nava, DREAMER and graduate student.

Donald Trump began his campaign calling immigrants rapists and criminals and throughout, he has openly called for mass deportation for over a year and claimed a federal judge could not be impartial because of his heritage. Today, Trump will deliver a speech on immigration in Arizona.

Several Republican lawmakers in New Mexico, including Second Congressional District Congressman Steve Pearce, Candidate for Secretary of State Nora Espinoza, and N.M House District 8 Representative Alonzo Baldonado expressed their support for Donald Trump, even going so far as to speak at his running mate’s New Mexico event. Governor Martinez still refuses to answer questions on Trump, but has clarified that she will not be voting for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson—leaving Donald Trump as the alternative.