Espinoza Stands With Trump

SOS Candidate Publicly Embraces Divisive, Xenophobic Campaign; Speaks at NM Trump Rallies

New Mexico – GOP Secretary of State candidate Nora Espinoza publicly embraced Donald Trump’s divisive, xenophobic and extreme campaign last Tuesday when she spoke in support of his candidacy at two Trump campaign rallies in New Mexico.

“Nora Espinoza’s embracing Donald Trump’s misguided values will do nothing to restore integrity to the secretary of state’s office or to help implement the reforms New Mexico needs,” said Juan Sanchez III, Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM). “Our last Secretary of State went to jail. We can’t afford to elect a divisive candidate like Nora Espinoza. Our next secretary of state must bring our state together to find real solutions that ensure transparency and accountability in state government. That’s exactly what Maggie will do when elected.”

Espinoza’s alignment with Trump includes her recent attack on Federal judges. Espinoza also refused to denounce some of Trump’s most offensive and controversial comments – including his vicious attack on a family whose son died in service to our country.

“It is a complete disgrace that Nora Espinoza has failed to denounce Trump for his inexcusable attacks on a Gold Star family,” said DPNM Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez III.“Espinoza is embracing Donald Trump. And it shows New Mexico voters all they need to know about her judgment and her ability to serve with integrity in a statewide office. By standing once again with Donald Trump’s campaign, Nora Espinoza is continuing to position herself as Trump’s ally in New Mexico.”

Espinoza also failed to denounce Trump’s comment that the election “is rigged,” indicating that she shares the same belief. DPNM Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez III, “Does Espinoza really believe that our elections are rigged? The Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring fair elections for every eligible voter in our state and to implicitly accept the suggestion that our elections are unfair or open to “rigging” is not only completely outrageous – it’s dangerous and further illustrates how Espinoza is completely unfit for office.”

Just as Espinoza is not distancing herself from the controversies of Donald Trump, she is also putting no distance between herself and disgraced former Secretary of State Dianna Duran.  In fact, Espinoza’s campaign paid Duran’s former campaign manager and former director of the ethics division of the Secretary’s office, Rod Adair, as well as former Duran director of elections, Bobbi Shearer, for consulting services.

“You can tell a lot about a person by who they stand with,” DPNM Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez III said. “Nora Espinoza stands with Donald Trump and Dianna Duran. Maggie Toulouse Oliver, however, stands with New Mexicans every step of the way.”