DPNM: Republicans Need to Prioritize Investments in Education and Our Economy

New Mexico – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico issued the following statement after Governor Susana Martinez released a timeline for a special session.
“Governor Martinez’s record of ignoring New Mexico’s economy and putting the interests of corporate donors before New Mexicans combined with legislative Republicans’ refusal to address the budget shortfall during this year’s 30-day budget session forced a special session. Republicans need to prioritize investments in education and our economy instead of cutting breaks to corporations and the wealthy,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. 

Senate Democrats proactively called for a special session earlier this month only to be met with the news that New Mexico was in the ineffective hands of Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez while Governor Martinez travelled outside the state. 

Last week, Governor Martinez announced a directive for all state agencies to cut 5%, without prioritizing investments to grow New Mexico’s economy just before the Albuquerque Journal reported that she attended political meetings in Dallas, Texas—in effect washing her hands of the damage her economic agenda caused to the state’s economy to build her national profile.

Just this week, Governor Martinez left the state again for another national Republican Party political trip in Colorado. 

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that $26,000 of taxpayer money has been used on Governor Martinez’s political trips outside the state during the first five months of this year.

New Mexico is facing one of its largest budget shortfalls since the great recession with a total deficit of nearly $200 million in FY2016 and an estimated shortfall of more than $600 million for FY201 and FY2017. Under Republican leadership, the state suffers from anemic economic growth and an unemployment rate that is well above the national average at 6.2%.