DPNM Blasts Mike Pence Support for Harmful Economic Policies, Slams N.M. Republicans on Support for Trump/Pence Ticket

Albuquerque, N.M. – The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence’s event in Albuquerque.At the event, Pence refused to answer for the fact that Donald Trump continues to hide his tax returns from the public, and failed to mention that the Trump/Pence economic plan would cost New Mexico 22,000 jobs, a stark contrast to the 65,000 jobs Hillary Clinton’s plan would add to New Mexico’s economy.

“Mike Pence is one of the most extreme vice presidential candidates we have seen in recent history. During the event in Albuquerque, Pence spread the same hateful rhetoric that Trump has made the cornerstone of his campaign and promoted the same failed economic policies that continue to damage New Mexico’s economy.

“With Republicans like Steve Pearce, Nora Espinoza, and Alonzo Baldonado supporting the Trump/Pence ticket, voters have a clear choice in November. We have a responsibility to elect candidates who don’t make hate the standard of their campaigns, and instead elect leaders who will fight for New Mexico families. Simply put, we need to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.” said Juan Sanchez III, Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

At an event in Albuquerque today, Mike Pence attacked immigrant communities by promoting Donald Trump’s reckless and hate driven wall proposal.

New Mexico Republican Alonzo Baldonado introduced Pence at the event, and Steve Pearce and Nora Espinoza attended the event which was geared at drumming up support for the Trump/Pence ticket.