ICYMI: New Mexico Democrats Call on Mike Pence to Answer for Donald Trump’s Disastrous Economic “Plan” Ahead of Visit to New Mexico


New Mexico – Today the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) called on Mike Pence to answer for Donald Trump’s disastrous economic plan and demanded Donald Trump release his tax returns like every other major presidential candidate has for the past 40 years.

Below are excerpts from the prepared remarks of the press conference speakers:

“After nearly six years of under Republican Governor Susana Martinez, we know Republican priorities are all wrong for New Mexico–more failed policies would only hurt the country and that’s something New Mexico families cannot afford.” -DPNM Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez III

“A recent analysis that shows New Mexico could add more than 65,000 jobs under Hillary Clinton’s economic plans, while it could lose 22,000 jobs under a Donald Trump presidency.” -N.M. Senator Jacob Candelaria

“Democrats know that smart investments in education, job training, clean energy, and infrastructure can build an economy that flourishes and creates opportunity for our families.”  N.M. Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton

In commitment to transparency, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine released their tax returns last week…and Donald Trump still defies the tradition of disclosure, and that could be for any number of reasons.” -N.M. Senator Jacob Candelaria