Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Fight for Working Families Puts Trump’s “Plan” to Shame

New Mexico – Today, Hillary Clinton discussed her plan to fight for working families putting Donald Trump’s “plan” to shame. In her plan, Hillary Clinton outlined five-points that will build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

The five-point plan includes:

  1. The largest investment in good­-paying jobs since World War II
  2. Tuition­-free college for the middle class and debt free college for all
  3. Rewriting the rules to ensure workers share in the profits they create
  4. Making the wealthy, Wall Street, and big corporations pay their fair share in taxes
  5. Reforming outdated laws to match how families live, learn and work in today’s economy.

Hillary Clinton’s full plan for America’s economic success is available here.

A recent analysis that shows New Mexico could add more than 65,000 jobs under Hillary Clinton’s economic plans, while it could lose 22,000 jobs under a Donald Trump presidency. The findings are based on two recent reports by Moody’s economist and former adviser to John McCain, Mark Zandi. Zandi’s analysis showed that under Clinton’s plans, the economy overall would create 10.4 million jobs nationwide while under Trump, the economy would lose 3.4 million jobsand the nation would plunge into a “lengthy recession.”