DPNM Slams Pearce After He Defends Trump’s Comments on Gold Star Family

Las Cruces, N.M. – Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico slammed Congressman Steve Pearce after he defended Donald Trump’s abhorrent comments on Gold Star family. On Wednesday, Congressman Pearce told reporters that Trump’s comments were “well within bounds.”

“Congressman Pearce should be ashamed of himself for defending Donald Trump’s comments about Army Captain Humayun Khan’s family. New Mexico has a strong tradition of service, and our veterans deserve respect from our candidates. If this is a signal of how Republicans are going to treat our Gold Star families, we need to make sure Democrats get elected up and down the ballot in 2016, and Merrie Lee Soules is the choice for New Mexico’s Second Congressional District,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

“If Steve Pearce truly cares about all of the voters in this district, then he will stop defending Donald Trump, a man that other Republican leaders have described as racist and bigoted,” Merrie Lee Soules, candidate for N.M.’s Second Congressional District  said. “Pearce has said he supports, but doesn’t endorse,Trump’s presidential bid. That’s a distinction without a difference. How can Pearce, continue to support a man who has disrespected the still-grieving parents of a fallen soldier and the war hero too?”

Video of Pearce’s Comments is available here.

During the Democratic National Convention, the parents of fallen Muslim Army Captain Humayun Khan delivered remarks expressing the serious nature of Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. Immediately, Donald Trump came out attacking the Gold Star family on Twitter and later in televised interviews.

Despite many GOP leaders coming out against Trump’s rhetoric, Representative Pearce defended Trump. The New Mexico GOP remains silent on this issue and continues to support Donald Trump for president.