President Barack Obama Sets Stage for 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton Nomination Speech

Philadelphia, PA – Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Debra Haaland released the following statement after President Barack Obama set the stage for the 2016 election, and Hillary Clinton’s nomination acceptance speech, which will take place today at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.  

“Last night, President Obama delivered a moving speech that sets the foundation for Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight. We are three days into the Democrats powerful and uplifting convention, and the difference couldn’t be any clearer, Republicans’ outlook of our country was dark and bleak, Democrats have laid out a positive vision for the future of our country. 

“The incredible progress our country has made under President Obama must continue, and it’s clear that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate on the Presidential ballot who will get the job done. She is the most qualified presidential candidate our country has ever had, and what’s at stake in this election could never be more clear. President Obama said it well, ‘Hillary Clinton is that woman in the arena.  She’s been there for us ― even if we haven’t always noticed.’ Donald Trump is a threat to our county who stands in direct opposition to the values we hold as New Mexicans.  

“As someone who worked for both Obama campaigns, I know that this election will rely on grassroots efforts across New Mexico. In his speech last night President Obama called on us to make history again and turnout to cast our votes to make Hillary Clinton the first woman president of our country. New Mexico Democrats are ready to work for our candidates and elect Democrats up and down the ballot, so we can hold Republicans accountable for their failed agenda and fight for New Mexico families.”