DPNM Launches ‘No More Excuses’ Site to Expose GOP SOS Candidate’s Extremist Legislative Record

Espinoza Wants to Run from Past; Dems Holding Her Accountable

New Mexico – The Democratic Party of New Mexico on Friday launched a website, www.noraespinozaforsos.com, exposing Nora Espinoza’s extremist legislative record, even as the Republican candidate for Secretary of State tries to run from her past.

“Nora Espinoza has been one of the most divisive, extremist, partisan members of the legislature for nearly a decade, but now she wants voters to forget her record as she runs for higher office? Not on our watch,” said Joe Kabourek, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “From now until November, we will hold Espinoza accountable every step of the way for her dangerous record of supporting discrimination against LGBT New Mexicans, advocating for banning books by Hispanic authors, putting politicians in charge of women’s healthcare decisions, and even skipping a vital ethics vote.”

Legislative records also show that Espinoza did not file a single piece of legislation related to elections or campaigns until after she announced her candidacy for Secretary of State.

Recent campaign finance records further show that Espinoza has turned to the same inner circle that disgraced former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who went to jail for fraud and embezzlement, relied on during her time in office. This inner circle includes Rod Adair and Bobbi Shearer, both of whom worked for Duran and now are being directly paid by Espinoza’s campaign.