Republican Bill Bryant Headlines Republican Rally in Washington with New Mexico Governor and Republican Governors Association Chair Susana Martinez

Despite Her Woeful Record, Martinez is Bryant’s Favorite Governor.
Seattle – New Mexico has the worst economy in the country, according to Business Insider, yet Republican Bill Bryant is touting New Mexico’s miserable record and has invited its Republican Governor Susana Martinez to come campaign for him.
Last year, Bryant appeared on John Carlson’s radio show and promoted Martinez’s leadership, calling her his favorite Governor and touted her focus on job creation.
Martinez’ record? Named by 24/7 Wall Street as the worst run state in the country, second to last state in overall child well-being by the Anne E. Casey Foundation, 47th best state for business by Forbes Magazine, and was absolute dead last in a state economy ranking by Business Insider.
Number one on that list by Business Insider for the best state economy in the country? Washington state, governed by Jay Inslee.
“Republican Bill Bryant is gathering Republican leaders from New Mexico and across the state who tout conservative policies Washington voters have rejected time and time again and frankly, just don’t work,” said Jaxon Ravens, Washington State Democrats Chair. “Look no further than Republican Governor Susana Martinez’s miserable record to see the impact of Republican governance. If Republican Bill Bryant wanted to get tips on job creation, perhaps he should call Jay Inslee, who’s seen 250,000 new jobs created in Washington state while in office.”
Bryant Said Martinez Has Been “Focused On Job Generation In Her State & I’ve Been Very Interested In What She’s Doing Down There.” Appearing on John Carlson’s radio show in May 2015, asked who was his favorite governor serving in office at the time, Bryant said, “I like Susana Martinez of New Mexico. She’s taken a very blue state, she won there as a Republican and she’s focused on job generation in her state and I’ve been very interested in what she’s doing down there.” [Commute with Carlson, KVI, 5/18/15]
Bryant Thanked Martinez For Talking To Him “About How State Government Can Generate Solid, Middle Class Jobs & Make Sure Every Kid Has An Equal Chance To Get Ahead.” In September 2015, Bryant thanked Martinez for talking to him “about how state government can generate solid, middle class jobs and make sure every kid has an equal chance to get ahead.” [Facebook,9/25/15
New Mexico’s Economy Ranked 50th In The Nation By Business Insider; Washington Ranked 1st. [Business Insider, 1/11/16
New Mexico Ranked The Worst-Run State Government In The Country By 24/7 Wall St; Washington Ranked 9th Best. [24/7 Wall St., 12/3/15
New Mexico Ranked 49th For Overall Child Well-Being By The Annie E. Casey Foundation; Washington Ranked 15th. [The Annie E Casey Foundation, 2016 Kids Count Data Book, Page 21]
New Mexico Ranked 47th Best State For Business By Forbes; Washington Ranked 10th.  [Forbes Best States for Business 2015]